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November 30, 2017

An Occupational Hazard

There used to be a bunch more on this post, as has been much remarked upon. I've removed it but am leaving my addendum below, so as not to completely look like I'm trying to saving face.

* * *

A friend alerted me that Steven Soderbergh, who produced Godless, replied to the above (since redacted) on Twitter to point out that Scott Frank's script was written prior to 2003. The putting-me-in-my-place wording of the tweet - and the fact that he wrote it at all! - has had the desired effect. To be clear, my post was not any sort of claim to authorship. Nor was it meant to be begrudging. Godless is a completely original project; mine was likewise, and what I wrote was meant to be a musing on how two people can, all on their own, in completely separate chronologies, come up with remarkably similar ideas - a phenomenon which I suspect every writer is familiar with, and one I should have taken a bit more care and tact in elucidating.

Re-reading myself, I see how this could be perceived otherwise, and also how it seems dismissive of Mr. Frank's work; this pains me, partially because one never wants their intent to be misread but also because I would hate to come down on the wrong side of two filmmakers I so admire (indeed, one doesn't have to scroll too far back on this blog to find evidence of my longstanding affinity for Mr. Soderbergh's work). I offer my sincere and mortified apologies to them both. I am tempted to delete the post altogether, but will leave it up there untouched for another day or two (now since passed) as a reminder to myself that I am definitely not writing these things in a bubble anymore.

Posted by David Lowery at November 30, 2017 11:19 PM