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April 30, 2017

OMATG Week 3 & 4


All through prep, I was working out at the YMCA almost every day and running a lot. Then I got runner's knee and stopped running for a bit but pushed myself even harder at the gym. Then we started shooting and I mostly only managed to exercise on the weekends and the rare days when we wrapped early or started late. But this Saturday, I realized I'd reached the point in the shoot where it was more important to simply nap. This is a prelude to my acknowledgment that: I've fallen behind in my accounting. We've been working too much, sleeping too little. There's a whole lot of movie happening and my body is officially bent to it.

This movie got nutty last week. It is goofy and wild and I have no idea if it will cut together the way I think it will - but I guess the important thing is that I think it will. Or at least am pretty sure it will. I'm putting all my faith in wild tonal shifts and hoping they amuse everyone else as much as they amuse me.

On to week five, which will begin on the edge of a very tall building and end on on a green screen. And then I'm going to run the Cincinnati Half Marathon and hopefully not die.

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April 17, 2017

OMATG Week 2


We began our second week with 5am call times and finished with a 5am wrap. In between we shot some legendary material out at a beautiful Wyeth-ish farm. But! Let it be known that we only spent two days on pastoral loveliness. The rest of this movie takes place under grungy underpasses, on sunbaked freeways and in brutalist interiors.

I mentioned in my last entry that sick-to-my-stomach feeling that greets me each morning. Conversely, on the drive home most nights, I'm full of adrenaline, ready to keep shooting. I've been trying my best to nudge the latter mood to the start of the day. One thing that's helped is meditation. During the shoot of A Ghost Story, I tried this app called Headspace for a ten day free trial and found it immensely helpful in settling my mind each morning. As we were ramping up for this, I went ahead and bought a subscription and started again. I've been doing it each morning and it's become something I actively look forward to. I aim to recalibrate myself to feel excited about the opportunity each day brings, instead of feeling so woe-is-me as I drag myself out of bed, across the floor and into the car that will ferry me to my doom. I realize this sounds like an advertisement. So be it.

Speaking of recalibration, today actually marked the beginning of Week 3, and we started the morning off with a bunch of new cast members. It felt like we were making a different movie. We will feel this sea change at least once more during the last two-thirds of production...

Next week I'll tell the tale of young master Asher, the coolest kid who ever got plucked off the street on his way to school to be in a movie.

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April 9, 2017

OMATG Week One


I'm forcing myself to wind down at the moment, so I can get to bed by 9pm so that I can wake up at 3am to get to location by 5am to kick off the second week of production of The Old Man and The Gun with a nice pre-dawn shot of a fellow on a horse.

The first five days went off pretty much without a hitch, with wheels greased by the two days of prep we'd already spent shooting. We missed half-a-day on a process trailer due to a sudden thunderstorm, but other than that - this whole endeavor feels pretty breezy. I still wake up every morning with a knot in my stomach, thinking that I need to retire, but those feelings have been fading faster than usual. It's a pretty tightly knit group of friends we've got making this movie here, and there's nothing like hanging out in the presence of good pals, watching legends do their thing on super16mm. This movie feels lighter and scrappier than anything I've done. It's also the least intrinsically me of all my movies thus far, which is part of what excites me about it. I'm stepping outside my usual comfort zones a little bit.

I'm not going to post daily updates, the way I did on Pete's Dragon, but I might throw up some images and random asides here and there as we go.One of those asides is going to be a brief mention of Personal Shopper, which I saw at the Esquire Theater (my home-away-from-home here in Cincinnati) last weekend and have since become increasingly obsessed with. I haven't enjoyed thinking about a movie this much in ages. I went home and bought all the records by Anna von Hausswolff, whose music plays during the closing credits, and have been listening to them in lieu of making a return trip to the theater, which I nonetheless hope I'll be able to do next weekend.

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