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November 28, 2016

Toby Tours Tapanui

And now here we are at the tail end of November. This time last year I'd just returned from New Zealand, where we went to get a few pickups (and to shoot the ending, once we were confident we could safely cut Pete's hair), and now here we are a day away from Pete's Dragon hitting home video. It'll be on DVD, Blu-Ray and iTunes at midnight tonight, thus bringing to an official close a truly wonderful adventure in moviemaking.

One of the features on the Blu-Ray was pulled from this very page. The producers of the extra features asked me if I'd be willing to narrate some of my blog entries for a short behind-the-scenes feature. I agreed, and the end result is sort of like a family-friendly version of Hearts Of Darkness: A Filmmakers Apocalypse. I hate the sound of my own voice so much that I had to watch it without sound (I sound about as thrilled to be reading my own journal as Eleanor Coppola did), but hopefully it's a nice personal spin on the traditional behind-the-scenes doc. There's also a lovely little feature about Elliot that makes it explicitly clear that he is vegetarian. Which is important to me.

One thing that isn't on the DVD is the following little video, which I am very fond of. While we were location scouting, I'd sometimes shoot mock-ups of scenes just to get a handle on them. This one was notable because it wound up being recreated almost shot-for-shot in the finished film.

The song featured here is the original demo of Nobody Knows by Andrew Tinker and Toby Halbrooks, which was performed in the film by The Lumineers.

* * *

Life these days has returned to a strangely comforting simulacrum of where I was in 2011. The quotidian details of my day-to-days are almost exactly the same as they were when I made this short film. I'm back in Dallas. Autumn is in full swing. I spend my days writing a lot, with a bit of editing mixed in. I'm still drinking a lot of coffee, still procrastinating online (although it's been almost six months since I signed into Twitter and I still have no plans to return). And I'm training for a marathon again. The big day is less than two weeks away. I'm just about ready. Just about the only difference between now and five years ago is that the world feels like it's going down in regressive flames, which is another reason why I'm running now more than ever. Have to maintain that equilibrium.

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