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February 2, 2015

Day 7 of 70

The old adage about how the hardest part of directing is getting out of the car in the morning is never truer than on a Monday, when a weekend's worth of anticipation that you didn't even know was building settles like a rock in your stomach as you make your way to set. Then you point a camera at something and it eases away into nothing, and before you know it another day is down.

Gray skies and heavy winds this morning as we set up shop for three days on our greenscreen backlot. We plunged ahead with our scheduled shooting in spite of the threat of rain. We had to take cover twice, which lead to a pleasant, lallygagging sense of togetherness as everyone huddled under tents and oversized raincoats and made their way to and fro through the horizontal downpour.

In the rearview mirror: this past weekend I saw two movies, both from various Ain't Them Bodies Saints brethren. First was Selma, which was that rare film whose importance reaches far beyond its estimable cinematic qualities - that rare film which literally everyone should see. Then I saw The Witch, which just premiered at Sundance and deservedly won the Best Director prize. It's a flawless horror film, and proved an inspiring jolt to the system. I will carry it with me into this week's shooting, especially once we get back to the woods.

I also shaved my legs, so that my wife and I could see who's skin was paler. I won. Then we jumped off the wharf as a storm rolled in.

Posted by David Lowery at February 2, 2015 1:45 AM