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February 15, 2015

Day 16A of 70

It's technically the weekend, but today was a second unit day that sort of became a first unit day. We were back at our location from Day 2, where we picked up a few inserts we’d run out of time for originally. Then we moved on to a bunch of other scenes that, though brief, were awesome and all pretty hilarious (including an homage to a moment from Inherent Vice that’s not actually in the final cut of that film). I will not describe any of then, but I will say that it was a luxury and a pleasure to focus on little things, to fine tune the details and make them really sing before we return to big scenes tomorrow. It was also interesting to be back in a world of rigid geometry and artificial light. An aesthetic rejuvenation before we go back to pointing into bushes first thing tomorrow morning!

And by first thing I really mean first thing. I decided to save two hours of commuting - home tonight and back to set tomorrow - and get a hotel ten minutes from location. The hotel is actually a motor lodge on an unlit road in what feels like the middle of nowhere. It is lovely and quaint and gives me major Motel Hell vibes in the coziest manner possible.

Posted by David Lowery at February 15, 2015 2:53 AM