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January 27, 2015

Day 3 0f 70

Today was the first day of many, many days in the woods. There are lots of trees in this movie and, as the saying goes, a tree's a tree's a tree, which we endeavored to prove today by shooting in every possible direction to chase sunlight over the course of a single scene. Except it wasn't actually a single scene, but the middle portion of one. The beginning and end will be filmed in two separate locations further North, in about a month's time. At one point, these sections were all scheduled for a single day, until we remembered that we weren't making that kind of movie.

It was a great scene. A little bit like a horror movie, a little bit like a nature documentary, a little bit like an 80s music video (at least until we adjusted the 18k). We covered the heck out of it, and still didn't have time to get a few of the wides that I had planned, but I guess who needs wide shots when you have anamorphic close-ups?

Back to sayings, though - another one that I feel we'll be hearing a lot is "waiting on smoke." There's never enough of it until there's too much.

We're doing big-screen dailies every night for the crew. That's a whole new thing for me. My natural instinct when it comes to raw footage is to curl up in bed with Pix and watch it all alone with the sound off and my eyes halfway shut. Getting over that inclination took a little getting used to, but hearing reactions in a theater is fun, and its easier to see how awesome everything looks. As with anything I've ever shot, it still doesn't look like a real movie to me, but everyone else assures me that it's great. I'm mostly more than happy to trust them.

Posted by David Lowery at January 27, 2015 2:11 AM