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August 21, 2013

August 23rd Quadruple Feature Giveaway

I'll be back with one final frame in my series of Ain't Them Bodies Saints images shortly, but in the meantime: the film opens wide this weekend. We'll be in every major market (except, for some reason, in Chicago, where it will open on the 30th). From a business standpoint, it is my duty to urge you to go see it.

However, as a fan of great films, it is also my duty to note that there is an alarming number of great movies opening in theaters this weekend. For starters, we have the debut of Destin Daniel Creton's overwhelmingly effecting Short Term 12, which broke my heart and sewed it back up at SXSW last March. Drinking Buddies, Joe Swanberg's smart and incisive comedy of manners, opens theatrically after a successful online debut last month. And lastly, Adam Wingard's phenomenally entertaining and almost impossibly satisfying You're Next finally hits the big screen. There are other great movies, like The World's End, but I want to focus on these three because - well, because my friends made them. And because I love them.


I want you to go see my movie. I implore you to see these others. Hence, I would like to propose a weekend quadruple feature. If seeing four great movies isn't enough, here is some further instigation: if you go see Ain't Them Bodies Saints, Drinking Buddies, You're Next and Short Term 12 this weekend, I will send you a custom-made prize in the mail.

That prize will be as follows. In my movie, there is a thick police file on Bob Muldoon, which Ben Foster's sheriff character peruses in one scene.


I will pull something from this file and augment it with an original handdrawn illustration. Maybe it'll be a newspaper clipping, or a mugshot, or crime scene photos. It could be a map. Or some of Bob's letters, carefully wrapped in evidence baggies. It might be one of the dirty cartoons that our prop guy slipped into the file to make the actors laugh. And as for what I'll do to it - you can get an idea of my crude artwork in this short film.

UPDATE: the producers of You're Next will also throw in a handpainted animal mask from the film, signed by director Adam Wingard! And Joe Swanberg will sweeten the deal with a signed Drinking Buddies coaster.

UPDATE 2: Short Term 12 is going to throw a signed soundtrack album into the mix. More to come. Please keep in mind that a While Supplies Last rule applies to all of these, although in the case of Ain't Them Bodies Saints, that police file runs pretty deep.

It's a small token, to be sure, and the real reward is what you're going to be seeing in the theater, but I hope this extra bit of kindling might light a few fires under excited cineastes and wary moviegoers alike. The only rules are that you have to see all four movies within a single weekend. To participate, just follow these simple instructions:

1. Go see the movies between a Friday and a Sunday.
2. Take a photo of the ticket stubs.
3. Tweet the picture to me at twitter.com/davidlowery. Tag it with #ATBSquadruplefeature.
4. E-mail me at davidpatricklowery@gmail.com and send me your mailing address.
5. Look for your just reward in the mail, sometime after September 10th.

And because some of these movies are opening wider in the coming weeks, the expiration date for this offer isn't until September 29th! Check your movie theater's listings and mark your calendars now.

RULES UPDATE: All the movies need to be seen within the space of a single weekend, beginning August 23rd (midnight shows count). If you saw any of the movies beforehand, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, but we've got to have a hard starting line, and this is it (blame me for lack of foresight, as I just came up with this yesterday - although dare I recommend a repeat viewing?). Likewise, although several of these films will be available on VOD or iTunes, buying a ticket to the movie in a movie theater is another rule. This is why every weekend between now and the end of September is fair game, because the films will be expanding on a weekly basis (You're Next is already wide). You can see where Drinking Buddies is going to be playing right here and Short Term 12 here. Hopefully we'll have a complete list for Ain't Them Bodies Saints soon, but it's going to expand fairly wide. Obviously, NY and LA have it easy right off the top, but with any luck all these movies will all get within a stone's throw of you. Make a road trip out of it!

So there you have it. Please join me in having a magnificent weekend at the movie theater. And if you want my recommendation as to what order to see the films in, I would start with Ain't Them Bodies Saints so you can get the solemn sadness out of the way early, move on to Short Term 12, have a few beers before and during Drinking Buddies and then finish things off with You're Next as close to midnight as possible.

P.S. The distributors of any of these films have not endorsed this giveaway in advance in any shape, way or form. I'm trusting that they won't mind.

Posted by David Lowery at August 21, 2013 4:08 PM