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August 27, 2013

Bob & Ruth

Last May, just before we went to Cannes, I cut these two teasers for the movie, one for Bob Muldoon and one for Ruth Guthrie. Much of the footage in each came from the cutting room floor - wonderful little moments that just didn't fit into the movie but deserved to be seen all the same.

I cut these with the intent that they be the very first glimpse of the movie released to the world. I felt they set the stage for the characters (and the film itself, with its dichotic structure) quite well. They were succinctly supplemental, too, which is something I always appreciate in marketing materials (is there a way to use appendices as an adjective? Appendectory? Appendicistic?).

Releasing them back then clearly never came to pass. I didn't fight it, but now that the film is out there, but I'm still proud of them and I'm happy to let them slip out, after the fact. Better late than never.

The passage that Casey is reading in the first teaser is from King Lear. It's a passage he sent me long before we started shooting, back when we would have long phone calls about the character. He thought it was applicable to Bob - or rather, that it might be something Bob would read and find applicable to himself. When we stole away to Texas for our Lone Star photography unit, I was determined to get it on camera, even though I had no idea if we'd be able to fit it into the movie.

Posted by David Lowery at August 27, 2013 5:46 PM