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July 21, 2011

Counting Blessings

We've been moving into a new house this week, and haven't gotten our internet service transferred over yet. Normally, I'd view this as a welcome reprieve. But when it rains it pours, and this week I've had a million things that I've absolutely had to send and receive, and so I keep trucking over to the neighborhood coffee shop to get work done (I think I've killed their wi-fi once already, exchanging some Final Cut project files). It was in their parking lot, siphoning their signal before they opened yesterday morning, that I got word that the Filmmaker Magazine's 25 New Faces List was up. That was a wonderful way to start the day. Eleven summers ago, I was driving around downtown in a van with James and we told ourselves we'd be in that list someday (I think we probably said "next year" instead of "someday," but let's disregard that). Then we ran a red light.

James, of course, is up at the Sundance Institute with Toby this week. They've been calling me at night, slightly delirious, filtering through to me some tiny fraction of the massive amount of information they're being fed Ludovico-style, all of which will be utilized (or conscientiously not used) on our new film.

Meanwhile, Pioneer quietly had its European premiere in Spain last week at the Festival Internacional de Cortos Fib. It also quietly won the grand prize. The film is officially in the black!

Lastly, before this cafe closes: Autoerotic, a new film from Adam Wingard and Joe Swanberg that opens in New York this week via IFC, received a great review from A.O. Scott today. It's also available to rent on Amazon. I haven't seen the finished product yet, but I believe if you pay attention to the credits (at least according to the Variety review), you'll notice that I'm credited as doing the digital effects. This is true, and if you can spot the work I did on the film, you deserve more than the high five that I'll give you.

Posted by David Lowery at July 21, 2011 7:07 PM