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February 10, 2011

Pioneer (and others) at SXSW


The SXSW lineup, which was largely announced last week, has just been expanded to include midnight films, Fantastic Fest selections, and short films - which means it's now safe to reveal that Pioneer is an official selection of my favorite film festival! A huge thanks to Janet, Jarod, Claudette and the rest of the staff for having us back.

We'll be playing alongside new work from some amazing filmmakers, including Michael Langan, Josh & Bennie Safdie, Evan Mather and Jake Vaughan, as well as fellow Sundance '11 selections The Strange Ones and Ex-Sex.

Among the features that were announced last week, I must express my biased excitement that Dustin Guy Defa's Bad Fever be having its world premiere. I edited this film last summer, and can't wait to see it with an audience. Among other things, it proves that Kentucker Audley is an acting force to be reckoned with. Visit the official website for a suggestion of things to come.

I'm also thrilled that I'll finally have a chance to see Alison Bagnall's The Dish And The Spoon; to revisit that Sundance adrenaline shot called Bellflower; to attend the world premiere of Ti West's The Inkeepers; to see Will Oldham act in a different movie, R. Alverson's New Jerusalem; to see my own cameo in a certain film from a certain friend of mine; and, last but not least, finally see Joe Swanberg's magnificent Silver Bullets unfurl in its finished form.

Plus, as to be expected, all of the ones that are thus far completely unexpected and that always make Austin in March such a wonderful place to be.

Posted by David Lowery at February 10, 2011 1:22 PM