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October 25, 2010

Running Out

In recent days, I've thought about writing some thoughts inspired by this interview with producer Jeremy Thomas in The Independent; just this morning, I had a notion to jot down a few notes about this profile of various other independent producers in the new issue of Filmmaker. I spent the last week working while listening to every last one of David Fincher's commentary tracks, with the offhand thought that I might pull some shareworthy quotes from them. Films I've worked on are playing at festivals and winning awards, but the heart of the matter is that I just haven't felt much like writing about movies; I'd rather talk about running, or something like that, because when it comes to filmmaking, all I've got of my own at this particular moment is conjecture, and boy does that feel like an albatross sometimes. When I'm making shots in the dark just to keep my name in the game, it's best to buckle down and focus on the work.

Which, these next two weeks, includes production on a new music video, which I'll endeavor to post photos from as it progresses. It should be picture worthy, partially on account of the nudity it may contain but also because it's another wonderful chance for my headfirst-style of hubris to get the better of me...

Posted by David Lowery at October 25, 2010 7:04 PM