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December 24, 2009

Best Of

My favorite movies of the year? I've got that curious affliction wherein all titles vanish from my mind the moment I try to categorize them. A cursory glance over other lists reminds me that I cherished Two Lovers, 35 Shots Of Rum and Antichrist above all others, have tremendously fond memories of my double feature of A Serious Man and Where The Wild Things Are, that I'm enormously proud of my friends who made 45365 and That Evening Sun and The House Of The Devil, that Fantastic Mr. Fox and Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans made for fine holiday viewing, that Avatar was indeed a blast, and that there are a massive number of films I still haven't seen (Revanche, Julia, et al).

(I also participated in two polls over at Hammer To Nail - The Best of '09 and Best of The Decade, with both lists being confined to films with budgets under one million dollars.)

However, I'm going to take the liberty to be particularly Grinchy this Christmas Eve and say that my favorite film year, the one which demarcates the past twelve months more than any others, was my own. I'm not saying it's the best - not by a long shot - but when I think back on time spent in a darkened theater in 2009, St. Nick will be what comes to mind first. And I'll welcome it.

* * *

Yesterday called for air conditioning. I went running in shorts and a tank top and worked up a good sweat. Today brought more snow than I've ever seen on a Christmas Eve in Texas before. By nightfall we were stuck inside, all travel plans forsaken. We're going sledding in the morning. And this is why I love it here.

Posted by David Lowery at December 24, 2009 6:11 PM