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December 18, 2009

Just when you thought you've caught up...

...you get sidetracked with a feature film that needs to be cut in five days. I spent a full week on the first twenty minutes of this actioner that I've been hired to edit (plus ten full days on the trailer alone), and then came the request from the higher-ups that we get the rest of the first cut done by Saturday. Ever the go-getter, I said no problem. Since then, I've been very, very sleepy.

In the midst of this delirium, the Sundance schedule went online, including Lovers Of Hate. Only one or two alphabetized clicks away is Clay Liford's short film My Mom Smokes Weed, which has also been accepted, marking the culmination of a rather stunning festival about-face. It was rejected by Sundance (and Slamdance, and SXSW) last year, but then gathered steam at smaller regional festivals, where it was seen by Park City programmers who realized the error of their ways and have made up for last year's rejection letter in full. A yuletide tale of inspiration for filmmakers near and far!

I helped shoot that movie, too, which means that I have two films I DPd at Sundance - which means that I'm totally crazy for thinking about sitting the festival out, right? I keep flashing back to this particular entry in the photo journal I kept the last time I was there. But when have red lines ever stopped me before? What's wrong?

Posted by David Lowery at December 18, 2009 10:15 PM