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December 1, 2009


How appropriate that, after weeks of balmy weather, Texas might just be cold and precipitous enough to see some snow on December first! Into this weather I'll gladly plunge, to negotiate the finer points of contracts and such with James before finally catching up with Antichrist (which I almost watched a screener of on the plane the other day, before thinking of the innocent passenger sitting next to me) and coffee and...and what else? Only one thing missing.

A warm congratulations to all my friends who are nominated for Independent Spirit Awards today, and for my one friend who won a Gotham Award last night. St. Nick was shortlisted for both, and I could spin a cautionary tale about getting DVDS in the mail on time and such, but in truth, we couldn't in good faith allow ourselves to be considered for the Best Film Not Coming To A Theater Near You award at the Gothams (re: aforementioned contracts), and as for the Spirit Awards - well, to paraphrase Bad Santa, we can't all be winners, can we? There's plenty of other good news on its way.

Can you ever close a book on a film? Should you ever? James and I were talking about how, after Thessaloniki, we're both ready to put St. Nick to bed - or rather, to let it out into the world and watch from afar as it goes wherever it might go. I'm hearing left and right these days that this is neither the model nor the mindset that we independent filmmakers must maintain, but I can barely watch my movies after I make them, much less go the distance to ensure that they are seen, not just by everyone who wants to see them but everyone who might feasibly want to see them, in perpetuity, throughout the universe, etc. Am I doomed? Call me crazy, but I'm pretty confident that I'm not.

Along these lines, this op-ed at Filmmaker by Noah Buschel is a really great read.

Posted by David Lowery at December 1, 2009 5:51 PM