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August 13, 2009

Press Clippings


Nothing to see here, at least not yet. I've been in Memphis working on the new picture from Kentucker Audley, whose Team Picture I reviewed almost exactly a year ago (that's my insectoid silhouette in the picture above, which was taken during a shoot at the local drive-in). I'm looking forward to the day when anything I write about, say, a Claire Denis film occupies a similar gray area.

It's back to Los Angeles on Monday for pitches, meetings and laundry, and then to Austin on Friday, and LA again the following Monday, and New York the Thursday after that, and Austin once more a few days later. If I had a logical bone in my body, I'd be a member of at least one frequent flyer program. But anyway, to speak of reviews: in an attempt to prepare for at least some variation of promotion for our fall St. Nick screenings, I saw fit to troll the web for whatever press I could find from the past few months. Here's what I turned up. One of my favorites is the new one from Robert Cumbow (whose essay on Glazer's Birth was, is and forever will be incredibly valuable in convincing others of the supreme worth of that motion picture). That's the first one up:


Robert Cumbow, The Parallax View

Karina Longworth, Spout.com

Amanda Krotki, Metromix Baltimore

Darren Hughes, Long Pauses

Mark Elijah Rosenberg, Flavorwire

Robert Davis, Paste Magazine

David Schmader, The Stranger

David Schamder, The Stranger Blog

Aaron Hillis, Green Cine Daily

Clay Smith, The Austin Chronicle

Don Lewis, Film Threat

Jonathan Pacheco, Bohemian Cinema

Elisabeth Stevens, Radio SRQ

John Serba, MLlive.com

Martin L. Johnson, Baltimore CityPaper


Michael Guillen, The Evening Class


Alicia Van Couvering, Filmmaker Magazine

Noralil Fores, Spout.com

Stephen Becker, KERA

Jette Kernion, Slackerwood

James Rocchi, AMC

Jason Whyte, eFilmcritic.com

I think that's all I could find. The cineaste in me loves reading them, but these days I'm feeling more the filmmaker, who wouldn't recommend reading a one of them - they work best in list formats such as above, cascading down the page, rather than shooting up like ivy over the red brick edifice of the movie.

Posted by David Lowery at August 13, 2009 5:35 PM