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August 31, 2009

Post Rooftop


The Rooftop screening was perfect, even though weather chased us down from the roof. Which is to say, it was everything I wanted it to be. Everything was cool and grey and misty. I ducked out after the first ten minutes, and then back in again during the Bosque Brown scene, which benefitted greatly from the sound of the rain falling gently in the open courtyard. Lots of good friends and surprise family members were in attendance, and no one left when the credits hit. The promise of free alcohol after the Q&A probably had something to do with that, but I'll keep on pretending that it was anticipation of my attempts at erudition that stayed the masses.

Afterwards we closed out a bar, and then I trekked back to Manhattan and the lovely home of my amazing hosts, which happened to be right off this street:


Saturday saw The Headless Woman and a subsequent malaise which I'll detail in an upcoming post, and then came this perfect New York Sunday, the sort that lazily slips by in a somewhat golden way. There was a barbecue that evening - last night - at Dan Nuxoll's place in Brooklyn, and I think a the majority of friends I have in New York were there (those that weren't had pretty good excuses). We all stayed until midnight; I got to bed by three, was up before six and hopped back on the train headed to JFK, finishing up the new David Sedaris book I bought on Friday for the express purpose of reading on the subway. I was a little bit disappointed to realize that the title was actually When You Are Engulfed In Flames - the sagacity of which doesn't quite equal the blunted naivete of my initial misreading of it: Why Are You Engulfed In Flames? has a much nicer ring to it, I think, although that's probably just my personality seeping through.

Now I'm heading home, 36,190 feet above the ground, wishing that Virgin flew all across the country and not just from coast to coast. Great thanks to Dan and Mark for giving this weekend such a wonderful raison d'etre!

Posted by David Lowery at August 31, 2009 9:38 AM