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June 20, 2008

Fincher for Christmas


It's taken a good month for the trailer to David Fincher's The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button to officially make it from the big screen to the internet, but now it's finally available in a variety of HD formats. It looks gorgeous, tantalizing; there's something both precious and gutturally unsettling about it - the latter due largely to the uncanny special effects that have placed Brad Pitt's face on the body of a septuagenarian toddler. This is going to be one beautifully freaky Christmas movie - and to top it off, the score is by Alexandre Desplat. I can't wait.

But that's all six months away. In the meantime, Jonathan McNicol is serializing the F. Scott Fitzgerald novella upon which the film is based, releasing a chapter a day in elegantly designed PDFs. It'll be a fine way to begin the day for the next two weeks. Thanks to GreenCine Daily for the link.

Posted by David Lowery at June 20, 2008 11:57 AM