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June 15, 2008

Back from IFP

The IFP Labs are over already? Wow. That was fast. I'm itching to jump back into the edit. I had my hard drive with me the whole time, but each day at the SoHo House was so pleasantly exhausting that I finally gave up fooling myself into thinking I'd do some cutting every evening before bed.

It was a great experience. It involved sitting in a room for ten hours a day, listening to speakers and taking notes. First taking a broad creative re-evaluation of our films and then turning to examine all the grimy details that await them - some extremely relevant, others less so, all very much worth considering. One of the most vital aspects of it all, though, was the focus. You get tunnel vision, sitting in there like that. Someone might be discussing deliverables, or the importance of proper music licensing, and the information just sort of twists itself into whatever about your rough cut it is you might be working over in your head. An enormous amount of ground is covered over the course of the week, and it all leads back to the same place.

I came to realize a great many things. I thought I'd killed all my babies on this film, but I learned that no, I had several illegitimate children who needed to be put to death (or, at the very least, as per the wisdom of Solomon, severed in two). I was told, after stammering through my various ideas as to what sort of musical accompaniment the film might need, that I in fact knew exactly what I wanted already - and this was true. And I accepted the fact that I'd made a film that people wanted to watch. One of the most affirmative aspects of the labs was realizing that this movie isn't some rarefied document that only a small handful of cineastes will want to see. There's no need to compromise, or to limit myself. People are going to like it.

Another wonderful part about it was meeting nine other filmmakers and their teams, and talking with them about films and music and food and who knows what else. I'm looking forward to seeing them all again in September, during Independent Film Week, and again next year on the festival circuit, where I'm sure we'll all be running into each other. And I'm sure they'd echo my sentiment in again thanking Amy, Rose, Gretchen and Scott for providing this great opportunity; our films are gonna be that much better because of it.

And now I'm back in Texas for a bit. But my luggage is missing. In my luggage were my car keys. I'm stranded!

Posted by David Lowery at June 15, 2008 8:02 PM


I'm glad you had a good time and made some good contacts. Can't wait to see the final cut!

Posted by: Stacy at June 22, 2008 2:20 PM

hey david,

we had met at sxsw and i'm so glad to hear you did the lab this year! that is so great! i'm looking forward to seeing your film. Please keep me posted on it.


Posted by: tom at June 27, 2008 1:29 PM