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April 26, 2008

Edwardian Script

A Catalog Of Anticipations generally looks amazing on the big screen - except for its titles, which, rendered in Edwardian Script, look cheap and aliased, no matter how many bits I squeezed into it. I think I first developed a fixation on this calligraphic typeface when Jonathan Glazer used it in Birth. Its regal elegance, its rigid grace bespoke a certain timelessness that I was seeking out, both in my own work and that of others; and while it maintained the simplicity of a sans serif font, it wasn't bound by the almost trite modernity that I so frequently associate with such glyphs.

Catalog needed the font, and it worked too for The Outlaw Son (although the titles in the short version that most people have seen are in Helvetica), and for this site. But seeing it on the big screen recently, looking like so many pixels forced into artificial curves, left me feeling like our romance had run its course. I designed the initial St. Nick webpage with another favorite of mine, Helvetica Neue Ultralight, but now I'm finding myself moving back towards regular Light, or even just plain old Helvetica. And what's more: when I think about the actual title of St. Nick and how it'll be presented on film, visions of serifs dance through my head.

Okay, that render is done.

Posted by David Lowery at April 26, 2008 10:38 PM


A sad indictment of my viewing habits online, perhaps, but it wasn't until I watched 'A Catalog of Anticipations' on the big screen (a bigger screen) that I connected all the elements, and actually "got it".

I don't know why that is, and I may never know.

Posted by: David at April 29, 2008 4:18 AM

I don't know either, but I like it. I like knowing that something little like this film needs a bigger screen.

Posted by: Ghostboy at April 29, 2008 11:44 AM