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November 15, 2007

Sociology & Red Nail Polish

Another cold front blew in last night - just in time, too, because I'm shooting something this weeekned and God forbid I expose a frame of film in warmer climes. Dead leaves were wrested from branches and sent rustling across lawns as I walked through the TCU campus last night, giving me an acute case of collegiate nostalgia. I was on campus because I was a guest speaker at the Sociology Of The Documentary class at TCU. The class is taught by filmmaker David Redmon, who with his wife Ashley Sabin directed the Sundance hit Mardi Gras: Made In China and last year's Kamp Katrina. We met at Sidewalk earlier this year and soon realized that we're practically neighbors (a distance twenty or thirty miles in Texas is equivocal to being next door).

We showed Some Analog Lines and had a really great discussion afterwards. It made me feel legitimate for a good solid hour. I got to wax erratically about my theories on narrative and structure, and tell the sad story about why I wasn't showing any footage from my new documentary. Thankfully no one asked me why I was wearing bright red nail polish on my left hand, as I wasn't quite sure myself. David then segued into an introduction to Herzog and a chunk of Even Dwarves Started Small, and somehow, Todd Rohal's Ola Podrida video got worked into the mix too - evidence of its cultural saturation and increasing relevance in this busy, work-a-day world.

Barlow Jacobs just rolled into town after driving all night from New Orleans. There's a Steadicam sitting on the floor in the next room. We've got some knees to bloody up.

Posted by David Lowery at November 15, 2007 10:09 AM