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July 18, 2007

That 8 1/2 Thing

Tom Hall and Dennis Cozzalio both tagged me for that new meme that's going around. I'm always one to cave under pressure; hence, here are eight random facts about myself. I'm supposed to preceed them with the meme rules, but honestly, I think it's all pretty self-explanatory.

1. I discovered the other night that my bathroom window affords me a magnificent view of the neighbors' massive plasma television screen. While marveling at its size, I realized they could have precisely the opposite experience simply by looking out their window. At which point I hastened to grab a towel.

2. I've never fired a gun, and I never want to own one because I'm afraid I'll wind up shooting myself.

3. In his response to this meme, Matt Dentler noted how he once auditioned for the role of Robin in Batman Forever. I can do him one better: when I was twelve, I auditioned for the lead role in Children Of The Corn 3 (or maybe 4, or possibly 5). I didn't have a headshot, though, and I was at an age where I refused to be photographed, so all I had to offer the casting agent was a snapshot of me dressed up as Johnny Depp in Ed Wood from a Halloween or two prior.

4. I've never won an arm wrestling match.

5. I'm not a musician, but after seeing Melville's Army Of Shadows for the second time last summer, I was so excited that, while the credits were still rolling, I spontaneously wrote a song about it. I recorded one draft of it, with Curtis accompanying me on the saw. It needs some work.

6. My first kiss was with the lead actress from James M. Johnston's first short film. It was at the wrap party. Not exactly the ideal circumstance for this young romantic, but I suppose it was about time.

7. When I was eight, my parents told me that if I worked really hard, I could probably be a successfuly filmmaker by the time I was thirteen. I think this was actually a ploy to get me to take my Latin lessons more seriously, but nonetheless, I endeavored for a time to prove them right, and also drew floor plans for the house I planned to build after earning my riches. Among other features, it would have had a replica of Giger's Alien that would pop out of the staircase to terrorize visitors.

8. Every now and then, I'm overcome with the sense that, if I actually tried, I could probably fly. This usually occurs when I'm very high up. Incidentally, I love to climb things.

And now I'm supposed to tag eight more people to carry forth with the revalations. Is there anyone who hasn't done it yet? How about James, Matthew, Kat, Joe, Adam, Jake, Michael and Darren.

Posted by David Lowery at July 18, 2007 7:48 PM