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May 27, 2006

Just Another Travelin' Song

We spent the first half of this week hanging out with Sujewa, and screening Deadroom to a tiny but enthusiastic audience at his microcinema. I loved the bookstore that hosted the screening. I sat upstairs through the whole thing, in a warm corner amidst the shelves, vaguely aware of that familiar dialogue drifting up through the floor while getting lost in the pages of Philip Roth's Goodbye, Columbus. Today, on the drive from DC to New York, I dozed off for about thirty seconds, during which that novella became my own personal history.

The drive was beautiful (never so much as when we were lost out in the plains of New Jersey). We stopped in Philadelphia along the way to have lunch with Paul Harrill of Self Reliant Film, who told us some great short film war stories.

Now I'm sitting in an apartment in the Bronx (after spending a very interesting hour trying to find the place), with a cool summer rain pouring down outside. It should be a good weekend; my friend Tony gets into town tomorrow morning. I haven't seen him since he joined the Navy last summer. And we're meeting up with Brad, whom I haven't hung out with in person since we left Berlin last year. We'll get a bit of work done on The Outlaw Son sound mix over the course of the next week. I'm also going to try and see some movies, so if any of you New Yorkers want to go catch a flick, please do let me know. It would certainly be fun to put some more faces to names.

* * *

Meanwhile, back in Texas, P.T. Anderson is prepping for There Will Be Blood, and chronicling the process in a Melville-infused photo blog. It makes me very happy to see Jack Fisk in there. (via Cigarettes & Red Vines.)

Posted by David Lowery at May 27, 2006 12:32 AM