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March 24, 2005

A nice summary of the history of Aronofsky's The Fountain can be found in last Sunday's New York Times. Most of it won't be news to those who've been following the project, except for the part about the budget: what was once a 100 million dollar picture is now down to 35 million. I have a suspicion that, in that cut, quite a bit might have been gained.

My own philosphical sci-fi piece has been revised over the past two days - to good effect, I think. I did a lot of work on the dialogue (obviously, since that's all the script is) - in particular, the technical descriptions of the situation, which were previously too numerous and never completely congruent with each other; they read almost as if I was trying to explain the science to myself (which I actually was, since I had no clue what I was talking about). Awkward lines were lost, emotional segues strengthened, overall cohesion increased. I also replaced an old, pointless monologue with a new one, dealing in part with the consonance of certain Latin prayers; including the phrase qui es en celis, which the lead character tries to remember the meaning of, but cannot.

I originally wanted to shoot the project on HD - and would actually have chosen HD over film, if given the choice - but after seeing so many projects shot on the DVX-100a in the past few months and mistaking the footage for 16mm so consistently, I'm thinking I may slash a few grand from the budget and just use that instead. The primary concern would be whether or not it could handle the infrequent-but-important composite shots. On that note, let me direct you to Yen's SXSW coverage; his acknowledgement of the ridiculous DV stigmatism we kept encountering at the festival is a prime example of the maturity and reason which the corporate stooges who kept telling us we were 'videomakers' rather than 'filmmakers' completely lacked.

Posted by David Lowery at March 24, 2005 1:29 AM