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January 19, 2005

We're outputting Deadroom to DigiBeta tomorrow, and I was getting the visual elements all locked down and ready this afternoon when I noticed that the current cut is actually two minutes longer than it used to be. After all the trims and the excision (again) of the controversial dog scene, I figured we'd be down to ninety five minutes or so. I guess I was ignoring all the shots we lengthened.

Speaking of which, I went to work on my first segment last night, reworking it so that it would play better without music. I slowed the pace down, letting the opening beats play out longer. I also made one somewhat audacious cut that solved a problem I'd always had with the segment (previously masked somewhat by the now-absent score). After several hours of incredibly frustrating trial and error, it hit me all of a sudden exactly how I could fix it, and sure enough, it works. At least I think so. Response from the other guys has been mixed, but I'm not going to change it. It feels so right to me -- to the extent that I'm actually more proud of the segment now than I was before. It actually felt surprisingly good to listen to their comments, think it over, and then decide that it was still the right choice for the film.

I could be wrong. I could always be wrong, but in this case I'm trusting what I hope is an innate sense of cinematic instinct (not that I couldn't argue the logic of the cut, too) and not an extension of my ego -- that id that rages with indignation every time someone suggest I might not be making the best choice in regards to a film, even when I know I'm making a mistake. It's hard to differentiate between the two sometimes.

The latest movie to unexpectedly astonish me: Aliens Of The Deep. Or, as I call it in my review, The Life Aquatic With James Cameron.

Oh yeah, and Crispin Glover's movie is finally opening. Or rather, it's opening in Austin.

Posted by David Lowery at January 19, 2005 9:07 PM


Always bet on instinct. It's thinking that kills creativity. I've been considering that in regards to the after sex scene in Sid. I'm sure that him sitting on the edge of the bed is more right.

Posted by: jmj at January 20, 2005 12:32 PM

Just for the record...there were some other comments here that I accidentally deleted while dealing with spam.

Posted by: Ghostboy at January 21, 2005 2:44 PM