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January 5, 2005

In the interest of chronicling progress, an open letter to my fellow Deadroom directors:

Hello my dear compatriots,

On Sunday, it'll be a year since our first day of principal photography on Deadroom. Let's take a moment to reflect on that.

Okay, now that that stuff is through with, I think it's time for us to go back to work on our film here, to get it up to snuff before it's official official premiere. I've been going over it in my head constantly over the past two weeks, ever since I got the word, and have been thinking of ways to improve it. Getting word from James that Brad does still have the sound files on his hard drive and that he's willing to essentially remaster the entire audio track has me jumping with ideas for additional sound sweetening (I know that I've come to the conclusion that I need to lose all the music in my segments, except for the last, to be replaced with with...something,..which I may change my mind about once I actually LOOK at the film again, but it feels like a strong choice to me right now).

However, we probably should plan on having the finished copy for the screenings done as soon as possible; we don't want to be driving to Austin the day of the premiere, delivering the tape (as we've done too often in the past). I don't know when they'll ask for the materials, but let's say we need to have it done by mid-February. We may not make that, but I think that's a feasible goal.

As far as what needs to be done:

I think re-ordering the film may indeed help somewhat. Primarily with James's last two segments, and their imminent conjoining. James, do you think you could come over to my place on Thursday to get some editing done? Perhaps done completely, even?

My recommendation for our work flow over the next month is: get the re-edit and re-ordering of Jame's conclusion done, after which we all meet up to watch the film together for yet another astringent viewing, looking for what we want to fix on the soundtrack (what may have seemed great in May but perhaps has since lost its luster), etc. Then we begin sound work. I think we should also contact Daniel to see if there's any part of the score he'd like to re-record; I remember in the spring he mentioned that there were some recordings he wasn't completely happy with. Also, the re-edit of James's climax may necessitate a bit of new music throughout that entire segment.

I honestly don't know if we have time to do an offline edit and offline color correction before March, especially since we'd probably have to do it in off hours. However, we need to get in touch with Chris about the possibility of getting some assistance in our bump up to DigiBeta; which of course would occur after our picture is locked but before we go to Brad for the sound work.

We should probably meet this weekend to figure all this out in more concrete terms; and if James and I have a new cut done, perhaps we can view that. I'm bound and determined to make sure the movie that plays in March is better than the one we have now...which is already pretty fine, but I know I felt after the screening on the 13th, after not having looked at the film in a few months, that it could still be a little bit better (as I'm sure we've all felt every time we watch it, but whatever).

So...anyway, that's that. How was New Years for you guys? Was my call from Times Square intelligible at all?

Let me know what you think, etc.


Posted by David Lowery at January 5, 2005 11:49 PM