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November 5, 2004

Me being me, I have to mention the Star Wars: Episode III trailer that the world excitedly turned its eyes to yesterday. My thoughts? I suggest that you definitely do not download it; rather, wait to see it on the big screen, where it will probably impress you at least a little bit. If you do watch it online, you'll realize much more quickly what a lazy teaser it really is. The first half, made up of footage that bridges the original trilogy and the prequels, is wonderful -- but then all the new stuff starts happening, and it's just kinda unexciting. Very little atmosphere and lots of the CGI we already know to expect (i.e. not impressive whatosever). The shot of Vader is so predictable, too; I hope it works better in the film itself. The whole thing, including the awkward sound mix, just feels rushed and sloppy.

Aside from that awesome shot of the Wookies (Wookies!) on their planet and the droids on the perfectly recreated Tantiv IV Blockade Runner, this is the first prequel trailer that hasn't left me completely elevated and excited beyond belief. Which is probably a good thing, actually. It'll leave me completely unprepared to be blown away come May.

I saw the trailer on The Incredible, of course, which is as good as you could possibly hope. Personally, it didn't reach the same heights for me as Pixar's Monsters Inc. or Brad Bird's The Iron Giant, but in many less subjective aspects. this is a superior work to both of those. And the utterly charming short attached to the front of it, Boundin', is the closest any cinematic work has come to approximating the magic of Doctor Seuss. Pixar, how do I love thee? Well, for one thing I'd love to work for you...

Off now to a midnight screening of Fellini Satyricon, and then two sweet hours of sleep.

Posted by David Lowery at November 5, 2004 10:15 PM