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November 22, 2004

I wrote in my profile on the Deadroom website that I think in colors when I'm conceptualizing a film. That was my way of saying that I don't really think things through in the literal sense...I just trust my sense of what feels right.

That's something I'll continue to do, but in this downtime between productions, I've been struggling to understand the various schools of filmmaking that have informed that instinct of mine over the years. To that end, I've been engaged in a series of e-mails with Matt Clayfield on the evolution of our personal styles, and what filmmakers (and, in my case at least, novelists) have influenced that progression. We've decided to put these conversations online in an academically serialized form, thinking that perhaps someone other than ourselves might find them interesting -- if not now, then perhaps, hopefully, in a retrospective sense. If nothing else, these exchanges are providing an incredibly satisfying mental workout, and -- as any sort of serious thinking will do for just about any subject -- pushing my appreciation of cinema to ever higher levels.

And most importantly: as always, the more I understand the rules, the more comfortably it is that I can break them.

Posted by David Lowery at November 22, 2004 4:56 AM