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November 24, 2004

A catalogue of necessary distractions for Monday and Tuesday:

  • Editing more of the animatics for The Data Writer.
  • Going to see La Dolce Vita on the big screen. Pure bliss, and what a different film it was from what I remembered! If you're in Dallas, make sure you don't miss it when it opens at the Angelika on December 3rd. One thing (out of many) that sticks in my head is the very end, when the little girl is calling to Marcello across the bay. As I watched it, I thought I saw her mouth the words "I love you" (her voice is drowned out by the waves). I thought it a beautiful touch, and it was only hours later that I realized she couldn't have said that because, of course, she was speaking Italian.
  • Trying to write a few different things. Listening to Elliot Smith's final and possibly best album. Not looking at my phone to see if I missed any calls.
  • Going to sleep to the sound of falling rain. Waking up to the same.
  • Listening to Madonna on Fresh Air and thinking that she sounds like a wonderful mother. Sandra Oh's subsequent interview was overall more appealing, though.
  • Writing with James on the new screenplay (now there are two people trying not to look at their phones). Reaching page 15 before simultaneously (seriously, it was one of those looking-up-at-each-other-at-the-same-time kind of moments) deciding that we needed to throw it away and start over from scratch. Which we do.
  • Not looking at the phone some more. Considering going for a sad walk in the freezing rain, because it feels right.
  • Drinking wine with Nick and Kara and James and Amy (someday there'll be six of us) and discussing (as always) films and each other as a winter wind blows all the leaves from the trees outside.
  • Meaning to aks Kara if she would feel comfortable doing production design on Drift, when and if it gets off the ground. Consistently forgetting.
  • Getting ready to go to bed before the sun rises, feeling, at least, like we can rest more easily, if not completeley contentedly.
  • This will all make more sense later. Or it might not.

    Posted by David Lowery at November 24, 2004 4:23 AM