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November 10, 2004

I went to a screening of Brad Anderson's The Machinist this morning; appropriate, since I'm on the second day of a cleansing fast (still drinking coffee, though). Just looking at Christian Bale's physique made me feel more exhausted than I already was. In addition to physical starvation, I'm on a serious Netflix withdrawal at the moment. Hopefully, after Christmas I can restart my queue, but until then I'll be hungering for more Godard, more Bergman, more Fellini and Antonioni, more classics by directors whose works I've scarcely scratched the surface of and others that need revisiting. I feel increasingly insatiable, and have started perusing my own 200 or so DVDs, looking for films I've forgotten about or haven't seen within the last year or so.

Yen helped me put together some query letters to potential production companies he scouted out concerning Drift. This is something that, surprisingly, I've only done once or twice before, and that was years ago. I've become so set in my self-financed ways that I've forgotten how to go about seeking external assistance; in a way, it's almost an affront to my bullheaded sense of independence, but it is that sense that will be the death of me (or my career) if I don't learn to suppress it. The idea of actually getting paid to make my own movie is somehow beyond my grasp at the moment, but it's something I need -- and to achieve it I'll need the help of others. Regardless, at this point I plan on being in pre-pro on Drift by this time next year. I know I can make it on whatever level I have means to at that time.

Still waiting on some important Deadroom news (James, put your phone on vibrate and never take it out of your pocket).

More later when my brain has more protein in it.

Posted by David Lowery at November 10, 2004 12:45 AM