Day 50 of 70

March 30, 2015

That feeling I wrote about back on Day 20 is here again. We were out in the woods, shooting with just our two titular characters - a welcome change of pace after the past few weeks. Heavy scenes, light mood. It was the last day for Oliver, one of our Pete doubles, and we tried to make everything extra special for him. Wes Bentley came out for a few pick-up shots. He brought his little son Charlie, who we enlisted to provide an off-camera cry of "daddy!" for the scene, which was just the most charming thing ever. And Eric Vespe, who writes for Ain't It Cool News, happened to be visiting this part of the world and came to visit set as well; in spite of running in similar circles for over a decade, we'd never actually met in person until today. It was great to have a fellow Texan in the house.

We wrapped thirty minutes early (also a welcome change of pace), and I went back to the hotel and ordreded a pizza. I'd forgotten that there's a pizza chain in New Zealand that offers vegan pizza topped with locally sourced vegan cheese. It's just a standard offering! Sort of like the nationwide fast food burger chain that has multiple vegan options. This country is the best.

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Day 49A of 70

March 29, 2015

We received a gift last week, and that gift was a seventh day on which to return to a certain location where we hadn't finished our work and pick off as many leftovers as we possibly could. There was a long list, and at the center of it was a little scene I didn't want to go home without. Everything else was gravy, and whatever we didn't get we would cheat after we moved down to the South island.

It was pouring rain all morning. We sat in our cars and tried to wait it out, and then eventually gave up on waiting and built a tent and set up a green screen shot that we'd already planned to get down South. Just as we were rolling on it, blue skies showed up. We got back after lunch and shot that little scene - little but super important - and then the sun was setting and our day was done.

Here's a little dude who was super happy about the rain.


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Day 49 of 70

March 28, 2015

I wish I could say that it's over the course of an entire day that my directions to actors go from precise, playable adjustments to vague assemblages of feelings but, since I can often be heard giving direction while the camera is rolling, I have concrete proof that I'm a mess from the get-go. The best a thespian can do is learn to interpret the tenor of my emphatic gobbledigook. God forbid they ask for a line reading.

However, I did manage one somewhat lucid direction today that I'll hang onto for future usage: "Less Richard Dawkins, more Mr. Rogers."

We wrapped out of another location today. They're dropping like flies. How do we still have more of this movie to shoot?

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Day 48 of 70

March 27, 2015

I had my most common recurring nightmare last night - a zombie dream. The specifics always vary, but the threat and accompanying sense of futile dread remains consistent, as does the fact that at least part of such dreams always take place in my childhood backyard. I also sometimes have nightmares about the same backyard being overrun with snakes, but the zombie dreams are always worse. In last night's iteration, I was trying to dismember some revenant that wouldn't stay dead. The pieces kept coming back.

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Day 47 of 70

March 26, 2015

The highlight of today was introducing Robert Redford to the gaggle of kids he'd be performing with - all non-actors, all under the age of ten or eleven. One particular nine-year-old sized him up with very put-upon swagger and then, moments later, noticed his boots were untied and volunteered to lace them up for him. This wasn't necessarily a kindly offer - there was a bit of one-up-manship to it, a "need someone to fix your shoelaces for, bud?" sort of move. Moments later, a handful of kids had gathered around to see who could best knot this bemused movie star's laces. If I can only hang onto one memory from this movie, this would rank pretty high on the list of candidates.

Later in the day the rain came back, and the sound of it on our location's tin roof forced us into one of those beautiful reprieves that are impossible not to enjoy, no matter how much of a dent they might put in the momentum of the day. This also would be a good memory to hang onto. Maybe even better than the other one.

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Day 46 of 70

March 25, 2015

This morning I accidentally took two night-time Sudafeds instead of the daytime option. I briefly wondered if it might cause me to drift off during a take, but our medic assured us that it would do nothing of the sort (I usually never take pharmaceutical medication for anything, so I have no idea how this stuff works).

Today was storytime. It took me right back to Pioneer. Many pages of dialogue, and a great orator to deliver them. We all just gathered round, sat back and listened.

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