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October 05, 2007

Small Town Docs

About A Son opens in Los Angles today, following its New York bow this past Wednesday. I can't say enough about the film, and so I won't - but if you're in either city, do set aside some time to take it in. It's an experience that deserves the big screen.

As I'm on neither coast at the moment, I'm going to wait until November 2nd to see it again. That's when it opens in Springfield, Missouri at The Moxie Cinema - the amazing theater that is the titular subject of my own first official documentary. It's the perfect reason to make a return trip, and to show off the film to its subjects. My goal was to finish the first cut by the end of the summer, but then the summer somehow disappeared and, true to form, I just finished editing it this evening. I think I've got about a minute or two to cut out of it, and then of course all the sound and music and the one effects shot to complete, but suffice to say I think it'll be ready in time for a few key festival deadlines.

I'm really happy with it. I think I've just about hit the right balance between traditional documentary form and my own cinematic interests (which were recently classified by a friend as a movement ever closer towards still photography, but marked by a refusal to relinquish temporal imposition). To my own surprise, I scarcely included my homage to Goodbye Dragon Inn; it's rather nice when a film doesn't have room to be anything but itself.

Posted by David Lowery at October 5, 2007 01:46 AM