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October 27, 2006

Pan-Asian Pacing

Yen and I began editing Ciao in earnest this week. On Monday we knocked out the first four pages of the script, which yielded nearly ten minutes of screen time - all without a single line of dialogue. I love it. Now we're closing in on the thirty minute mark, and verbiage and cross-cutting are starting to seep into the proceedings. The goal is to have the first cut done by the time Yen leaves for Hong Kong in a few weeks.

In anticipation of getting started on it, I tried to clear up a few of my own loose ends last week- but, as per usual, only ended up fraying those threads even further. I was finishing the sound work on this little short I made earlier this summer called Upheave when I realized that I didn't like the ending; what's more, I realized that this ending needed to be replaced by a second short film that would work in tandem with the first, and which materialized in my head almost completely fully formed. I usually say that Upheave is about dirt; this second part will be about boxes of matches. I might have time to give that a go next week. It would be pretty simple. So I say now.

Complicating my schedule these days is the fact that it's fall and countless good films are cominig out, and I simply have to see all of them! I haven't caught The Prestige, Deliver Us From Evil or Little Children yet, but I have seen Fur, Fast Food Nation and The Dixie Chicks: Shut Up And Sing. The latter was so good that it made me want to go righ out buy a Dixie Chicks CD. And Fur was so strange that it demands to be written about at greater length, so I've added that to my to-do list, along with my career-spanning look at the work of my favorite horror filmmaker, Guillermo Del Toro (I should go ahead and mention that there's a scene in Pan's Labyrinth that scared me more than anything I've seen in years).

* * *

Over a two or three week period last summer, I inadvertently wound up watching, through various cuts, the editorial refinment of Evan Mather's Scenic Highway, as he honed it into the recently-award-winning short film that is now. And what it is now is suddenly available online. It's a big, sprawling, messy, educational, funny and deeply personal seventen minutes that, while not as concise as some of Mather's other work, might just be his masterpiece; I could explain why, but I'm lazy and I think I'll just wait for the thesis Matt Clayfield has in the works instead.

* * *

It's Halloween weekend! Once we're done with our editing session this evening, I'll be heading out to a big party tonight, after then go back home and force feed my DVD player yet more horror films. And Kiss Me Deadly, which isn't exactly horror, but who's keeping track?

Posted by David Lowery at October 27, 2006 02:55 PM


Thanks again for the kind words. I should point out for the permanent record that I was directly inspired by your wonderful film Some Analog Lines. Keep up the good work and thanks for the inspiration!

Posted by: Evan Mather at October 27, 2006 04:54 PM