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April 17, 2006

War story

I've been wanting to see Jake Mahaffy's War ever since I saw the trailer last December, prior to its Sundance premiere; now, Paul Harrill has posted an interview with Mahaffy that's not only whetted my appetite for the film further, but cast doubt on my chances of ever seeing it; he says he has no real interest in distributing it, as he's too busy with his new projects. In other words, the film has had it's time to shine.

It's a must-read interview; I won't offer up any samples of it here, but I will point to the website for Mahaffy's filmmaking collective, Handcranked Films, where there's a short interview from the Sundance Channel, which ends with this quote from the filmmaker himself:

"I've actually created a reality. And as far as other people being able to accept that reality or engage in it, it's their responsibility. The audience has their responsibility, I have mine, and I've fulfilled my part of the bargain. The movie exists, and that's an achievement. And now I'm going to make another one."

I really admire that philosophy. And I love those rare, passionate instances that occur most often in the arts, when supply and demand are separated from commerce. And I wonder if it's my responsibility to not only try to engage the film, but to see it in the first place? I've done pretty well thus far with tracking down undistributed films (I'll be fulfilling my part of the bargain and writing about at least one of them later this week). Maybe my luck will continue...

Do take a moment to check out the work of all the other filmmakers at Handcranked Films; you'll be glad you did. I'm particularly fond of the stop-motion work of Jeff Sias.

* * *

Four hours of data transfer left and I can start editing again. Meanwhile, the Texas temperature just about hit 100 for the first time today. I have some good summer memories that are always brought on by that first gust of air conditioning and the air outside that hits you like a brick wall; but I have a feeling that I'm remembering them far too early this year.

Posted by David Lowery at April 17, 2006 09:31 PM