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December 21, 2005

We wrapped 24 hours ago.


I think it must be a very good thing to feel this sad.

Posted by David Lowery at December 21, 2005 12:10 AM


Indeed. Can we just re-shoot on DV. You know, just to be all together again, laughing, being creative and having fun.

Kyle told Justin this has been a life changing event.

Posted by: jmj at December 21, 2005 12:39 AM

congrats, my friend....i'm proud of you.
can't wait to see it.

Posted by: frank at December 21, 2005 01:27 AM

Congrats! I'm really excited to see what you make.

Posted by: Joe Swanberg at December 21, 2005 01:28 AM

It is a good thing.

Congratulations! looking forward to it.

Posted by: stu willis at December 21, 2005 05:12 AM

Hats off, mon ami.
Can't wait to hear more.

Posted by: girish at December 21, 2005 07:52 AM

w00t! congrats my friend.. looks beautiful already!

Posted by: brad at December 21, 2005 08:39 AM

Way to go, y'all!

Posted by: Bryan Poyser at December 21, 2005 10:42 AM

Thanks folks.

For the time being, I've put a few more pictures up at the MySpace page. They'll make their way over here eventually, in greater numbers.

Posted by: Ghostboy at December 21, 2005 02:46 PM