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October 10, 2004

Tonight was cool and foggy and rainy...a perfect night to spend going to the movies (not that every night isn't, but good weather is always an added bonus). Curtis and I started the evening with the sneak of Team America. Review forthcoming.

Then we met up with more friends and went to see The Nightmare Before Christmas at the Inwood at midnight (speaking of weather and that theater, my favorite moviegoing experience, or one of them at least, is going to see A Clockwork Orange at midnight at that same theater and leaving to find an unexpected flurry of snowflakes filling the air, coating the pavement -- it was a truly beautiful surprise). Anyway, I try to only watch The Nightmare Before Christmas once or twice a year, around Halloween and Christmas. It's very dear to me heart (you can't look in any direction in my room without seeing some effigy of Jack and/or Sally), and it was glorious seeing it on the big screen again. I can't believe it's been 11 years since it came out; I feel like so little time has passed since my mom took me to the theater to see it opening day. I feel like I haven't progressed personally at all, when I think about the space between then and now.

After the movie, Ryan, who manages the place now, volunteered to give us a personal tour of just about every square inch of the the building, from behind the screen to the dank tunnels in the ceiling to the mist-drenched rooftop (although we didn't run into the ghost that reportedly haunts the upstairs projection booth). He showed us a sheaf of photos dating all the way back to the theater's opening in 1946, and the theater booking logs from that same year. He also told us about how the old owner used to show in the late seventies and early eighties used to show porn movies in the upstairs theaters to supplement his art-film income, and a few years back an ancient box of 35mm porn trailers was found stashed in some dark crawl space.

The sense of cinematic history in the place was astounding, and it makes me so glad to see that it's still up and running, and showing such quality fare. The Inwood has always been my favorite theater in Dallas, and now my appreciation for it is even greater.

It wasn't snowing when we drove home at 3 AM, but it was a beautiful experience nonetheless. And to think I almost stayed home...between the Gadabout Film Festival, seeing Conor Oberst at Spiral (which doesn't compare to Curtis's being invited onto their tour bus the next night and hanging out with him for a few hours) and tonight, I'm afraid to ever be lazy/responsible again.

Posted by David Lowery at October 10, 2004 04:37 AM