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A Ghost Movie and a Marathon

Last spring, I had an idea for a little movie about a ghost haunting a house for 200 years. I wrote it down, and it came out to about ten pages long. A week later those ten pages had become thirty, and I called Toby and James and suggested that there might be an opportunity…

Following Last

Following last month’s Showgirls discussion, it was decided that such blog-a-thons should be regular things. The second round was scheduled for today, and thus you’ll be able to spend your pre-Valentine’s Day afternoon reading different takes on this month’s selected title: Michael Haneke’s Code Unknown. Less fun to discuss en masse than Verehoeven’s is-it-or-isn’t-it-camp classic?…

The Top 255 Movies Of 2017

Why pick? Here is everything I saw in 2017. Titles in bold were seen theatrically. 1. NORTH BY NORTHWEST. Dir. Alfred Hitchock 2. CAMERAPERSON Dir. Kirsten Johnson 3. THE EYES OF MY MOTHER Dir. Nicholas Pesce 4. OJ: MADE IN AMERICA Dir. Ezra Edelman 5. CAFE SOCIETY Woody Allen 6. SILENCE Dir. Martin Scorsese 7….